March 31, 2011

Lose Weight with colored food

Many ways can be done to lose weight. The way this one might be able to attract the attention you are losing weight with colorful foods. How do I?

Eating a variety of colorful foods to ensure the body get different nutrients and vitamins essential for overall health.

In addition, colorful foods derived from various fruits and vegetables are low in calories and high in fiber, it is important to lose weight but still satisfying hunger.

March 30, 2011

Praying Powerful to Relieve Stress

People can be angry over the cause of any such criticism, there are comments that are not good or problems in social life. If experience try to pray, because studies have found prayer can reduce anger.

The new study conducted by researchers from the United States and the Netherlands show that prayer can help to defuse anger, reduce aggressive behavior and reduce the impact of provocation.

Brad Bushman, a professor of communications and psychology from Ohio State University and author of the study revealed that people often turn to prayer when he felt a negative emotion, including anger.

March 29, 2011

8 Signs of Diabetes Rarely Known

Indicators of diabetes normally seen from the symptoms associated with blood sugar levels as much pee, drink lots and lots of eating. But there are again some indicators of diabetes, which is surprising.

Many people who sometimes do not realize that he had diabetes or diabetes mellitus, because it's symptoms of diabetes sometimes do not realize.

Reported by USNews, Monday (10/25/2010), following 8 indicators of diabetes that is not realized and surprising:

March 28, 2011

Wrong, If Patients Diabetes More Like Porridge and Rice Cake

So far people are diagnosed with diabetes are many who avoid eating rice but instead eat porridge or rice cake. This behavior is wrong because the porridge and rice cake was more rapid increase in blood sugar than rice.

"Porridge and rice cake was even more rapid increase in blood sugar than rice. Because the more easily processed food digestion is the process of forming blood sugar will be more quickly," said Dr. Benny Kurniawan in gathering Media Alert No. 140 on Signboard Seafood Restaurant, Pacific Place, Jakarta , on Thursday (23/12/2010).

According to Dr Benny, the more intact form of food then the graph will increase blood sugar more slowly. While foods that are not intact or has been treated like porridge and rice cake even more quickly raise blood sugar. Foods that long proceed(complex carbohydrates) that include whole grains, brown rice, cassava, sweet potatoes, corn.

March 27, 2011

Eat Almonds Nuts Before Prevent Diabetes

People who have high blood sugar levels tend to get diabetes. People who have high blood sugar levels but have not hit people with diabetes called pre-diabetes. In order for this group do not get diabetes frequently eat almonds.

Almond fans can now get a double benefit from these types of nuts. Eating almonds may improve insulin sensitivity in people with pre-diabetes, so far from diabetes.

Pre-diabetes is a condition of increased blood sugar levels above normal, but not too high to be called diabetes. Because triggered by obesity and unhealthy lifestyles, this condition can develop into type-2 diabetes.